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From the inception of the business, ​everything that is done carries some sort of liability.  Having a strong legal framework can help mitigate these risks and with careful planning, nearly any event can be managed safely by the business.

Everything begins with the legal structure of your business.  Making sure your business is properly certified with the state is first.  Ensuring the proper city or county business license is second.  Having the proper county health departments is third.  Special licensing is required for alcohol or SOB licensing.

Satisfying the government is only half.  Making sure that you have a working Operating Agreement is vital.  Partners are just that, and everyone must know their roles and responsibilities to the organization.  Having a well-defined agreement will ensure fewer frustrations down the road.

Compliance is never-ending.  Making sure you are licensed is a challenge, but having systems in place can minimize frustrations.  We have a team that understands the hurdles to foodservice operations and we have a legal team that can answer questions or performs functions as needed.

Staying compliant is the best remedy for mitigating liabilities, and our staff can help with a myriad of questions or issues.  A few minutes of our time may save you untold legal risks.  Let us help you succeed. 

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