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Logistics - "the detailed coordination of a complex operation involving many people, facilities, or supplies​" according to the Oxford dictionary.

The average foodservice operator must learn to handle many different aspects of their business, and consider some of the following areas of management:

Communications: how does the business effectively communicate with staff and customers?  Is there an audit trail to follow requests, changes, or complaints?

Social Media: does the business have a cohesive plan to interact with customers?  Is the message consistent and fluid?  Does it reflect the type of business and standards we want to project?

Accounting: is there someone that can handle the day to day bookkeeping for the business?  Do they have the skillset to keep the flow of money working properly?  Who will file monthlies, quarterlies, and taxes?

Reporting:  what sort of business data is needed to make the right decisions?  Menu profitability, cost of goods sold, fixed costs, etc?  Having the right data can lead to much-improved profit margins.

The list continues, but answers exist for nearly any situation.  Speaking with proven business owners can make a significant impact on how much information you can gain from your business.

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