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Menu Planning & Costing

If you are looking to buy or open a food service business, then there is a  good chance you will need a menu.  Having a great menu is much more than it seems.  Before deciding on the menu you plan on serving, consider:

1. Sourcing - which companies do you plan on purchasing your raw ingredients from?  And, are there products that can be purchased to help simplify the process.  Would you like help in sourcing options?

2. Costing - do you have a plan on recognizing cost adjustments in raw goods or sourced items?  And, would you be interested in having software to provide real-time costing on menu items? 

3. Inventory - what sort of inventory controls would you like to see in place?  And, would you like to have real-time visibility to inventory on hand?


4. Recipes - what sort of repository would you like to see for your house-made items?  And,  would you like to provide ready access to your employees all with an app?

The menu is the center of your operation and having a great one will set you up for success.  Having professionals help with this process will save time, money, and frustration, and keep your customers coming back for more.

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