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At some point, everyone must move on.  Whether you are ready to start your next challenge, or ready to retire to your favorite destination location, making sure your legacy is protected is our goal.

Some owners may want to transfer their legacy to a loved one or friend, and some may want a cash payout.  Either way, the starting point is knowing what your business is worth, and easily one of the most complicated questions.

Probably one of the hardest questions any business owner can answer is "how much would you sell your business for?"  To be fair, it is extremely challenging to look past your feelings and bias towards your creation, and having an outside perspective can be instrumental in getting what is fair.

Goodwill, contracts, revenues, profits, assets, staff, all play factors in deciding what your business is worth.  Putting all these pieces into perspective before moving from your business will give you a better idea of what you can expect is a fair assessment of your business's worth.

Our team will help you navigate this crucial time of putting a price tag on your creation so that it may continue.  Being fair to all parties both ensures your legacy while improving the likelihood the business will continue to thrive.


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